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Sometimes you come across a product that makes you think, WHY didn´t I think of that?!
That’s what I thought when I first read about RIO by Jozemiek.
Cute fashionable bracelets which you can use in your hair as elastics or headbands. I mean that’s kinda genious really!


We all love them here, Luna can take them to school, and put her hair up/ out of the way whenever she pleases. So that gives her an awesome idea of self-controlling her hair

And offcourse they’re also perfect to use in the styles we do at home! As well for Luna as for me, they stay in great and that’s a must, especially for Luna! Cause once braided, hairstyles for kids are best if they don’t have to care about it anymore right.


So besides being just very very handy and lovely to see, there’s another thing why I love RIO: They are charity bracelets.
That means for every sold RIO bracelet set, Jozemiek donates a meal to a streetchild in Rio de Janeiro!
So besides looking fashionable, you also help a good charity! If that doesn’t make you feel good
For this good cause, Jozemiek works together with the foundation Help Mij Leven (Help me Live)
This foundation helps streetchildren in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, children who are fighting for their lives every single day…
In october 2015 Jozemiek had donated 10.000 free meals already! That’s pretty amazing isn’t it??


Offcourse Jozemiek has much more to offer than this one line of hairjewelry: friendshipbracelets, trendy but also bohemian bracelets, earrings and necklaces, oh and bags, let’s not forget their GORGEOUS bags!!
I sure get really greedy when I visit their site! LOL
And I know if you check them out, you’ll be to!


You can find Jozemieke here:
Check them out and spoil yourself!! You know you want to