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maintenance tips

Our jewelry is of good quality but to guarantee our quality we have a number of tips here so that you can enjoy our jewelry for a long time.

    Avoid contact with: Cream, perfume, water and moisture. Do not wear a piece of jewelry while exercising and do not, for example, leave it in the bathroom, as condensation can cause discoloration in the long term.
    Your jewelry can discolour due to the PH value of your skin.
    You can often polish dull or discolored beads with a clean silver polishing cloth.
    Do not wear jewelry when doing household or rough work and when exercising. Jewelry can be damaged by certain cleaning agents (chlorine / salt) and by bumping too hard. There is also the chance of losing the jewelry.
    It is best not to place jewelry loose in a drawer or box. Jewelry can damage each other; store each piece of jewelry separately to prevent scratches. Always keep your bracelet or necklace close to storage so that they do not get tangled.
    Do not expose your jewelry to too bright sunlight / tanning bed. Color stones can therefore discolour.
    Make-up, hair spray and perfume contain substances that, if they come into contact with metal alloys, can cause stains on skin and clothing. It can also discolor the metal alloy. It is best to wear jewelry, only at the very end.
    Always take off your jewelry when you go to sleep.